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We need to change the way we think and act, in relation to food, environment and water.   Our youth is deeply impacted by the food sector and helping them to understand the challenges opportunities and combining this with nutritional understanding is key.

We developed an education program that is both fun, educational and focusses on:


  1. Understanding the challenges ahead (environmental and demographic impacts on our food supply).

  2. Understanding how CEA can help mitigate these challenges (including SDG impacts)

  3. Understanding that food production or agricultural process, but something you can experience and influence hands-on.

For the first program the city of Amsterdam provided a subsidy of  Euro 20.000 to develop and run the educational program for secondary schools (age 12-18). We developed an integrated program that allowed for

•  In-school preparation with this Online Cartoon
• On-site class including research, tasting and online quiz
• In-school wrap up

The program was setup in such a way that it allowed for the teacher focus on Environmental, Economical, Societal or Geographical axes. It also allowed for different levels to use the program

Up to now (August 2019) over 1.100 children have participated in the classes. Feedback
from schools and children has been very positive, whilst the program also attracted other
actors (city, educational scientists, smart city experts). Many of the class visits were
concluded with an online quiz (Kahoot), allowing for data to be collected (anonymously).
Visual material was collected to serve as illustrational and publicity materials.

Next step
In the next phase we will adjust the program so it can be used in international IB programs,
will be fully online available and can be combined with farm visits world wide. We are
currently searching for funds  and partners to do so.

Education Cartoon 20190128.jpg
Education 20190128-2.jpg
Education Update 20190128-3.jpg
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